Saturday, January 26, 2008

Armando Galarraga DFA'd

Okay, timeout. I am reading over this and realizing maybe I am overreacting. Galarraga is a 26 year old who hasn't had great minor league numbers and was a forgotten prospect until he showed up in Arlington. And the guy who took his 40-man spot, Jason Jennings, is only 29 (with more wear on his arm). Read through my first post and let me know if I have overreacted because I feel like maybe I have. Or maybe I just really don't see Scott Feldman ever helping this club, thereby making him the obvious choice in this whole thing.


Armando Galarraga was DFA'd yesterday to make room for Jason Jennings. If he does not clear waivers, then this sums up a recent string of events:

1.) Alex Rodriguez and Cash traded for Alfonso Soriano and Joaquin Arias
2.) Alfonso Soriano traded for Brad Wilkerson, Armando Galarraga, and Termell Sledge
3.) Sledge part of the trade we do not speak of
4.) Brad Wilkerson becomes FA...thank the good Lord
5.) Galarraga DFA'd

They now have ten days to trade, release, or put him on waivers. It could be they already have a deal involving Galarraga in place because that is the only good reason Scott Feldman is still in a Rangers uniform. Maybe we see a Byrd + Galarraga deal with the Cubs. There is no telling but if this is the totality of the move, then this JD backer will have to rethink his allegiances. I'm not saying Galarraga is a world beater, but he is a young starting pitcher with some ability. Of course, Galarraga could harmlessly pass through waivers a la Shelton, but that seems somewhat unlikely.

It's not so much Galarraga that is confusing people as it is the fact Scott Feldman is still here. Feldman's WHIP was just south of 2 last year. He has looked absolutely horrible more often than not and he is a player who is part of an already overcrowded bullpen. You could make an argument for Cruz as well with the outfield pretty full and his past performance. Same for Tejeda along the lines of past performances. But at least Tejeda and Cruz have talent that is clearly visible. Cruz can mash (when he actually connects with a ball) and has a cannon for a right arm. Tejeda has an arm that is above average and has shown flashes. Feldman just doesn't seem like all that much and is a guy with a better chance at clearing waivers than Galarraga anyway. Not to mention he even punches sidearm. Who punches sidearm?

This reeks of there being a deal in place for Galarraga already, and there's a good chance it's starting to smell in Chicago as well. Or perhaps the smell is emanating from the Rangers' front office because if this is a singular move then they are all full of it.

More on this as it develops.

(You like how I used a nice little journalistic phrase there at the end? I thought you might.)

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Chip's Moody Blues said...

I don't disagreed that Galaragga is not a world beater and that it's foolish to just deal young arms willy-nilly (there's a better than zero chance he's part of a bigger trade). But Galaragga was pretty good in Frisco last year, and I would not have described him as a "forgotten prospect" 'til he was called up. It was pretty clear, I thought, that he and Luis Mendoza were going to be September call ups.

But, yeah, the DFA is puzzling. Looking for the end-game for Daniels here.

Young2Kinsler said...

I'd be shocked to see a trade happen. I think they were simply creating roster space, and they thought this was the best way. Maybe its not in our opinion, but I'm gonna put a little faith in JD because hes had a very good offseason. We all wondered about the Otsuka cut, and are now glad it happened. Stay tuned, but don't get your fingers stuck crossing them too hard.

LongTimeListener-FirstTimeCaller said...

I probably did word that wrong. It was clear he ad Mendoza had turned a corner a little way into the AA season. Mendoza particalarly base on his season long improvement. My point was that his arrival in Arlington pt him back on even the casual fan's radar. I like Galarraga and thought he would make a push in Spring training. I don't want anything handed to any of the starting rotation. Good point though. He showed his value at AA last season.

LongTimeListener-FirstTimeCaller said...

I am a JD backer, though it may bite me in the butt. If Galarraga turns up injured then of course it makes the move easier to understand. I just can't discount the chance of a trade. With the Byrd rumors of the past week, Galarraga could be a valuable arm as a trade chip for the Cubs (to the O's) or a replacement for Gallagher or Marshall...or even Marquis. My fingers are already stuck in the crossed finger mode...I'm a Rangers fan, it comes with the territory. Thanks for stopping by you two.